Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Branding on a Shoestring

My pebble paperweights are on sale at Things British fromTuesday, 6 December. So I spent some time on branding with stuff I had available at home trying to give my “products” an attractive and uniform look. It’s called branding on a shoestring.

Appearance and Placement

I booked a 60x40x30 shelf at the Things British shop. Although it is enough space to showcase my work, it is certainly not big and one has to be creative. What I did:

-Cut out a 60x40 cardboard paper and placed the paperweights on top to get a feel of how I wanted them to look in the shop.

It looked a bit like this.

-Bought a couple of ex-display Perspex stands off eBay. They maximise the available space and create interest by allowing display of products on different levels.

-Experimented with different surfaces, i.e. placed my paperweights on a) organza bags b) fabric c) open lined notebook d) tissue paper e) other – to create an interesting background/backdrop.


I will be with Things British for only one month so they can’t stock my own packaging at the till. What I did:

-Used small cardboard boxes to store and display the paperweights in. Although this solution solves the issue of packaging and presents the customer with a ready wrapped (and branded) gift, it detracts valuable space from my allotted shelf (the boxes are bulky).

-Used drawstring gift bags. This sort of packaging has the additional advantage of serving as a frame/backdrop to the product

-Used self-made “paper envelopes”. Again this sort of packaging uses minimal space on the shelf, is original and can tie in with the theme of each individual paperweight.


To create a unique and uniform look for my products I created tags that will be attached on each individual paperweight. What I did:

-Used “luggage labels” (see picture) from my local stationery shop

-Used a cut-out of my shop logo

-Included handwritten description using good fountain pen ink

Ingredients: Ink pad (I use deep red archival ink); Stamp (I got it from Present and Correct); squared paper; glue (I use the lovely marzipan-smelling Coccocina); luggage labels; pinking scissors; adhesive white labels; Moo stickers (with Inklinks logo); fountain pens; ink (I used J.Herbin 1670 anniversary ink, and Vert Empire ink)

 I stamped my stamp on the squared paper several times....

and proceeded to cut each individual stamp mark with the pinking scissors...

then glued it onto the luggage label...

 and wrote the name of the shop in lovely red J. Herbin 1670 ink.

 Then wrote the description of the pebble paperweight on one side and the web address of the shop at the back

 For the price tags I cut out small pieces of adhesive label and stuck my Moo Inklinks sticker on it...
and then hand-written the code and price of the item. Every item at Things British should come with a code/price tag at the back.

The labels were attached to drawstring bags which will then serve as packaging. And there it goes. 

Inklinks at Things British, Shop 1.11, Kingly Court (First Floor), off Carnaby Street, London W1B 5PW. See online at Things British. See you there.


  1. Love your items and how you have branded and displayed them Lito - thanks for sharing!