Monday, 6 February 2012

New on Things British

It all (well, nearly all) fitted in the old suitcase. And here it is on the shelf in Things British, 1.1 Kingly Court, off Carnaby Street, London:

If your beloved is into apps or love their Kindle then these pebbles are just the thing. They both feature "repurposed" vintage pen ads.

 Albert found Susan's obsession with the latest apps quite attractive indeed.

Bertie brimmed with joy as he clutched his Kindle close to his heart.

Mini pebbles with hearts or just declaring "My heart is in the write place" and "Don't forget to write".

For custom made pebbles Inklinks is happy to help. Contact Inklinks at 
blogpalimpsest @ 
or at Etsy 

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  1. These pebbles are very clever! I like they vintage feel.