Monday, 26 March 2012

Life span extension is part of the service.

To possess objects is a way to converse with oneself, to recycle desires and create stories - to survive, to deal with the limits of existence. To possess"old" objects is a search for origins, a search for lost time. Look into the box of bric-a-brac with your all-seeing eye like a small God of junk, dip your hand, pick up the neglected container, the tattered book, the red plastic kite winder that has no kite to hold. Life span extension is part of the service.

And so it happened that on that sunny Sunday of February, the small portable Sellotape dispenser was picked and brought home in a battered state and was given a second chance. A good clean and a careful application of French Blue enamel and lo! it is ready to serve yet again; ready to (whilst bearing its crack courageously) receive a roll of tape into its bowels, ready to be held and hear the sweet sound of the tape being dispensed. 

The Speedfix Handy Roller. The lettering in "Speedfix" is specially designed to convey movement with the letters titling slightly to the right leaving a trail behind them - frozen in the act of speeding away. "Handy Roller" is written neatly underneath and the whole thing is surrounded by two semi circles "British Patent" and "Made in England".

A little piece of office supply history given a life span extension.

English plastic portable tape dispenser is now on sale at Inklinks

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