Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Craft Fair Display Cases

Craft fair season is (always) upon us, even more so in the spring and summer months. There is an abundance of artists and creatives making and selling anything from jewelry and clothes to prints and ceramics. They all are confronted with the good old boring craft fair table on which they are called to display their creations. Nothing more dull than a wrinkly tablecloth to show off your crafts. If your budget is tight you'll be reluctant to spend on display stands and props but it is an investment worth making. Imaginative displays showcase your handmade objects in the best possible light and make the old craft fair table into a mini shop with its own unique atmosphere. 

Vintage cases is a great way to display your creations and they don't need to be in the best condition. Even tattered suitcases and corroded metal tins make for an interesting display. This 1930s flask carry case has carried many a flask in its day, and is a great backdrop to display objects. It is covered in a beige hessian-type material and its curved corners and green "weave-look" handles give it an organic look. 

A 1930s leather vanity case in a warm red color showcases vintage writing instruments and inks in this picture. But all the nooks and crannies of a vanity case can be used imaginatively to display all kinds of objects.

 This vintage biscuit tin with its age-old patina would be perfect for displaying jewelry and glass.  When going shopping in a flea market or estate sale, make sure you take some of your handmade objects with you for inspiration.

Look around your house for imaginative display props and design your own craft fair table. Read on for more craft fair display ideas.

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