Saturday, 19 May 2012

Craft Fair Jewelry Display Ideas

Use your imagination to create imaginative displays at craft fairs and outdoor markets. ETSY is full of ideas on how to showcase your jewelry, using a variety of repurposed objects and custom constructions. A painted printer drawer makes for a stunning jewelry display as do wooden earring organizers. Does jewelry grow on trees? Yes. Climbs on ladders? And what about an earring holder finished with copper and bronze patina? 

All these display stands work well on craft fair tables.  If you are on a tight budget, look around your home to discover objects that can be used to showcase your handmade jewelry and vintage finds to the world. For example, here is a driftwood collection that is placed in an old clay flowerpot and is used to display vintage and modern jewelry.

Or, why don't you place a selection of beach stones on a crisp white or brightly-colored tablecloth and your craft fair table will burst with creativity.

Happy crafting!

See how to use Vintage Cases and suitcases as displays in craft fairs.

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