Thursday, 17 May 2012

More Craft Fair Display Ideas

Vintage cases, suitcases, and vanity cases can be used creatively to display all kinds of handmade objects at craft fairs. Shallow cases make for great displays as shown in the previous post, but if you want to use deep suitcases, acrylic display stands work well to maximize the space.

Dust your vintage luggage and put them to good use or pick up a bargain from flea markets. Below is a suitcase used to display Inklinks pebble paperweights. See how the use of acrylic display stands creates a three-tier display.

Acrylic display stands can also work on their own. These shown below were picked up from eBay for a fraction of the original price (they used to be shoe display stands). Because they are transparent they allow great space maximization as items can be displayed underneath the stand and still be visible.

In place of stands, why don't you use books? Old books make wonderful display props.

A collection of small vintage lunchboxes can also be effective as a creative display of your objects. I find that a variety of shapes and textures creates an interesting effect.

Use your imagination, as they say...

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