Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pack Them Nice: Packaging your ETSY items imaginatively

Here at Inklinks packaging and posting is not taken lightly. While Inklinks reuses and recycles packaging materials (boxes, bubble wrap, paper, envelopes) wherever possible, it takes care to a) package safely b) package nicely. The object should reach the customer undamaged (if your parcel rattles, pack it again). The package should be aesthetically pleasing. An imaginatively packaged object is also a good way of advertising your shop.

I use:

Cardboard boxes
Bubble Wrap (also packing noodles, air pockets)
Wrapping Paper (tissue paper, felt)
Ribbons or string
Parcel Tape (brown tape, washi tape)
Business Card
Stamp (with shop logo)

Small Items Packaging Ideas

More on supplies and types of packaging materials in later posts. Today I would like to share a packaging idea for small or awkwardly shaped objects: Felt! I found that brightly-colored felt bought inexpensively from fabric shop outlets can be used imaginatively to package small items that you just don't want to chuck in a padded envelope.

So, instead of bunching up these vintage dip pens in bubble wrap, I packaged them using a piece of felt. I've made two small vertical incisions in the felt (x 8 times) so that each pen could be secured vertically in place. 

A piece of tissue paper was placed on top (stamped with my shop's logo) and then the felt was rolled up and tied up with a ribbon. 

With the Inklinks business card in the middle of the roll, the dip pens were ready to be placed on a bed of packing noodles in the cardboard box (which was also stamped). 

Imaginative packaging helps to showcase tiny items, like these vintage nibs, which are also wrapped up in felt using the technique described above. 

This antique tin was wrapped using a combination of felt and paper and an old tassel I found in the sewing box. Note how an inexpensive material like the common parcel string can be made to look interesting in the right environment.

More on inexpensive packaging materials and how to make your parcel look good when you're on a budget here: Packaging and Gift Wrapping your Etsy order. Or if you're good in doodling why don't you decorate a packing box yourself.

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