Thursday, 31 May 2012

Packing and Gift Wrapping for Etsy

Gift wrapping Etsy items may sound extravagant but it doesn’t need to be. Simple packing paper, a stamp and some string are often enough to give your Etsy order that special appeal. Organize your packing station accordingly and packing will be a pleasure instead of chore – why, it will be almost like Christmas!


You will need:

Packing or wrapping paper: This can be purchased inexpensively in bulk from sites specialising in packing materials for removals. It can be white it can be brown. Or it can be wrapping paper left overs! In the spirit of recycling I always keep gift wrapping that can be reused. By applying an imprint of your chosen stamp on plain paper you've got your very own custom wrapping paper!

Washi tape: Better than the old sellotape, washi tape comes in a variety of colours and designs and makes the parcel so much more interesting. I got mine from Etsy shop In the Clear.

Stamp: Invest on a rubber stamp that represents your shop. It may be the shop’s name, your shop’s logo, or an image that says something about your shop. Inklinks has chosen two stamps: One from Present and Correct is the image of a typewriter; the other is an old-fashioned pencil from Blade Rubber Stamps.

Stamp ink pad: There are many makers and colours to choose from – mine is Archival Ink maroon.

Stickers: An optional packing accessory. I got business logo stickers with my shop’s logo from MOO.

String: Inexpensive packing string would do, but I also collect any ribbons left over from gifts and so over time I have a good collection of ribbon left-overs to use in my packing / gift wrapping.

Business card: Your shop's business card can be attached with washi tape to the parcel to complete the look. I get my mini cards from MOO.

Here is how some humble materials can be used to good effect. Note the use of the sticker and the combination of string with ribbon.

Happy packing! 
On small item packing see the previous post.

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