Monday, 24 September 2012

Recycled Packaging: Transforming Amazon envelopes

At Inklinks packaging materials are reused and recycled. If envelope, box, bubble wrap is in good condition, it is religiously reused. But since we don't like to have other companies' branding on the packet, Inklinks takes some pains to transform the envelopes it uses. 

Example: Amazon hardback envelopes. Inklinks is a regular Amazon customer and receives Amazon goods in the well-known Amazon envelopes. These rigid envelopes are re-used in the shop as they are excellent for packaging and sending paper goods. But what to do with the Amazon logo? It takes only a few minutes to cover up the Amazon branding with paper, stamp it over, and create a good impression to the customer who will be receiving his/her order from your shop.

More packaging ideas: 

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