Friday, 12 October 2012

Vintage Paper Notebooks

Old paper everywhere. Inklinks has acquired some serious vintage paper stash and it's putting it to good use stitching it together in various combinations. It's all different, uneven, with blue, red, light blue, green lines and squares and faded margins - wonderful old paper. The paper is stitched -sometimes loosely- with linen thread. Sometimes a fragment of a map finds its way in these delicate notebook, sometimes a vintage legal seal, sometimes a sheet from a 19th century chemistry book. The paper comes from English ledgers and notebooks, French exercise books, German blotting pads and Greek school books. European integration come true. European integration held by a thread.

handmade vintage paper notebooks at INKLINKS
 Covers above made from brown acid-free craft paper, or watermarked blue check Thai paper. French, Italian, Greek vintage style labels.

A selection of vintage paper for Inklinks new handmade notebook (in preparation): recycled felt paper, vintage floral writing paper, French square paper, 1960s ledger paper, German blotting paper, Guildhall Series ledger paper, Greek exercise book paper. 

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