Monday, 17 December 2012

Vintage Paper Love: the Notebooks

The paper is sourced from old ledgers and exercise books and is stitched together with linen thread. 1960s English cash register paper, 1950s French square paper, 1970s Greek exercise book paper, 1960s English ruled school paper, German blotting paper - paper of varying sizes, some with age marks, a mix of blue, light blue, green, red, pink lines and margins, some fading away. Sometimes some fragment of map or of antique chemistry book is inserted, or an old legal seal, or gummed label, or used blotter. Paper covers are made of rag paper, recycled or decorative paper. 
These notebooks have something temporary, transient about them. Like the past held by a thread, ready to be written on again, or be taken apart.

Find them in Inklinks.


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