Friday, 21 March 2014

500 sales!

When I first started at Etsy on January 2011 I thought that I would be straight away inundated with orders. Little did I imagine the hard work that opening an online shop entailed. That first year was not very successful as I was often away in Athens visiting my mother who was at the final stages of cancer. But come 2012 and it was all hands on deck and trying my best to make it in the competitive world of internet sales. My shop is really niche selling vintage and handmade office and writing supplies and I tried to promote it as much I could all the time improving the quality of photos and the all important SEO. I would probably never become rich on Etsy but I enjoy what I do and 500 sales is a big deal for me. 
This old Rabone-Chesterman boxwood ruler was Inklinks' 500th sale and is travelling all the way to Ontario, Canada, as we speak.
Onwards and upwards.

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