Saturday, 1 March 2014

Blast from the 1970s

Some of these vintage photo print envelopes are hilarious. Take this one for instance which comes to you straight from the Seventies. 

The man is sure to make you swoon with his bouffant coiffure, large frame glasses, bushy moustache, pointy lapel and flares all in shades of beige. His family around him don't seem to care about his fashion sense enthralled as they are by the contents of the photo album he is displaying on his lap. Mother (is she actually a woman?), son and doll are all sporting checks and the only redeeming factor of the whole affair is that the girl is actually wearing BLUE top and dungarees. Yes, dear Readers, girls have not always been clad in pink. The 1970s may have been responsible for some fashion disasters but at least girls were not suffocating in the pink straight-jacket stereotyping of the 21st century.

Hopefully this photo print envelope will develop into a notebook. I'm reinforcing the spine now and have more paper already cut out and ready to be stitched. Stay tuned.

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