Saturday, 15 March 2014

Happy (home made) 15th Birthday card

It's my son's 15th birthday tomorrow and I thought I would give me a home made card for a change. Since he's into graphic design I wanted to make something appropriate. So I photographed letters depicted on objects around the house (mainly around Inklinks' headquarters!), cropped the images, printed them and glued them together on hard card.
Then I aged the card a little with charcoal pencil. Here's the result:

A from a vintage Sellotape tin
H from the keyboard
A from a vintage Eagle Automatic pencil leads
B from vintage Lion Brand labels
I from vintage Owl paper clips
P from old Post Office tin money bank
R from 10 Euro note
P from PS3 game
D from 1940s UK Identity card
Y from a Peter Ackroyd book
Y from a Victorian glass "Hyde" ink bottle
H from a Rhodia notepad
T from 1950s Pelikan Tinta China ink
5 from old Stephens' Scarlet ink no. 51
One from a £1 coin

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