Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Old Ink

I'm attracted to old ink. Ink that has stayed in the same bottle for years and years and yet still flows darkly and marks the paper with the same brilliancy that it used to when it was young. The brand of ink may still exist but the ink manufacturer has moved on to other colours, different labels, logos, bottles. The ink bottles I find in auctions are usually empty but sometimes a bottle with some ink remnants will come up, and sometimes (oh joy!) a bottle full of ink will appear. 

I was fortunate for instance to discover a bottle full of Stephens scarlet Ink. Stephens used to be a household name in the UK until the 1950s and has produced (apart from the ink) some very iconic advertisements featuring the famous ink blot. Waterman's is another famous brand I always look for and I have recently came upon a couple of bottles full of Green and Brown ink. 

In the following days, old ink enthusiasts will be able to purchase from the shop samples of Waterman's and Swan ink. Supply will be limited so speed is of an essence.

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