Monday, 24 March 2014

Photographing Pencils

 Ah, the endless possibilities of photographing pencils. You want to capture all angles, focus on all the details - the graphite on the tip, the wood, the roundness or hexagonal beauty of the barrel, the markings, the width, the length, the colours, the perspective. If the pencils come in a box, you want to have a good picture of that too - on its own, with the pencils protruding from it, open, closed, showing off its graphic and well-used cardboard. If selling on Etsy, there are only five available photos to showcase your wonder pencils. If you are in Pencil group on Flickr, you want to select your best one to post to. You don't really want to bore people with endless photos of the same pencils taken from different perspective. Thus, photographing pencils has to remain a personal obsession.

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