Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pelikan Drawing ink from the 1950s

Pelikan drawing ink has withstood the test of time and is as brilliant today as it was when it was first put in the bottle some time in the 1950s. This set of squat bottles with the characteristic lid are full of ink ready to be put to good use. They come in their original quadrolingual boxes with "Pelikan waterproof drawing ink" printed in English, French, German, and Italian on each side. 

The labels are in great condition: they read "Gunther Wagner 44 prize medals Net 1 oz Made in Germany," and 
"Waterproof Drawing Ink Available in 22 colours. Easy flowing. May be thinned with distilled water and clear rain water and may be mixed with each other. BEWARE OF FROST"

Press the rubber "button" on top of the lid and the thin tube attached to it sucks in the ink. 

Pelikan drawing ink Cobalt Blue
Pelikan drawing ink Yellow

Pelikan drawing ink Burnt Sienna

For the artist who has to have vintage. On Etsy.

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