Monday, 8 December 2014

SELO photo print wallets into Notebooks

I was so fortunate to find these old SELO photo print wallets. I love their bold black and red graphics, so simple, yet so striking and effective. They were perfect for my photographers' series notebooks! 

Selo film was made by Ilford who started marketing it in the 1930s. The Photomemorabilia site is such a great resource for dating this print wallet - I found it dates from the 1940s. 

I've selected different sheets of old paper from my collection and hand stitched them. They are all different sizes - lined, squared, with margins etc. and I find they work really work together. A vintage gummed label by Dennison fitted just fine on the front cover.

I rather like it. I'm sure a photographer especially one who's into traditional film would appreciate it. You can find it here.


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